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All The Diabetes Supplies You Need

None of the retail markup
Let’s say your copay is $20 (don’t I wish!).
Test Strips… That’ll be $20
Lancets … That’ll be $20
Oh, need a new meter? That’ll be $85

With KnowCopay, you’re paying $6.67 a month, that’s it.

The Meter?

You’re getting a first-class meter at a fraction of the cost. Let’s cut out the middle man together.


– Next Generation improved accuracy
– Strip ejector
– Blue backlight display
– No coding
– Small blood sample size – 0.6 microliters
– Fast test time – 5 seconds
– 480 test memory – downloadable with a standard Mini-USB cord
– Test on your fingers, palm, or forearm

You're Awesome

Managing diabetes isn’t the easiest, you’re awesome for taking a step towards independence from your insurance copays.

Let's be Awesome Together

Our parent company has been distributing diabetes supplies for more than 20 years, we’re here to stay.

So... really, no insurance?

We know it’s a foreign concept, but trust us, this is better for everyone. Well, except the middleman.

Who makes the meter?

We are the sole supplier of Easy Max NG meters, you may see the meter on other websites but it came from our parent company.

Can I really trust this meter?

Listen John, can I call you John? I wouldn’t steer you wrong, this meter meets EVERY standard, it’s FDA approved and it’s got a blue screen. In all seriousness John, here’s a link to an independent 3rd party verification on the meter.

What if I don't like KnowCopay?

You can cancel anytime, we’ll be sad, but we won’t make it hard for you.